A Public Permissionless Goodbye

We have decided to shut down Infloat. To some of you, this may come as a surprise, but despite our positive results and the feedback from the market, we feel that we have to move on. It is a decision made with our hearts.

We have always done our best to offer an objective expert look at the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. And to not follow (the sometimes prevailing) superficial and non-sensical opinions or solutions. We aimed to stay close to our hearts and ideals, while more money could have been made elsewhere.

And we don’t regret this. Together with some of you, we have been pioneering in a market that is still in its infancy. We have taken (exciting) risks by entering unexplored territory and by identifying the technological, business and regulatory boundaries of blockchain technology. We have collaborated with clients and partners globally, to find common grounds and explore blockchain-based solutions for optimal, fair and sustainable value creation — for other businesses, entrepreneurs, consumers, and society at large.

We are proud of what we have achieved with Infloat

Over the last 2 years, we have, among others: 

  • developed educational programs on blockchain technology and tokenization for Universities in the Netherlands, which will be used from school year 2019-2020 onwards;
  • worked on a public permissionless privacy-preserving blockchain for digital assets;
  • contributed to the development of one of the first MTF-regulated crypto exchanges;
  • helped a US-based wealth manager pioneer by structuring and filing the 3rd ever Regulation A qualification for a blockchain project with the SEC (2018);
  • used blockchain technology and smart contracts for the issuance and transfer of financial instruments, such as shares, employee stock option plans, and bonds;
  • helped businesses raise over 1 million euros for their blockchain-related endeavors;
  • created and validated new blockchain-based concepts, related to real estate, smart cities, hospitality, sustainable energy, co-working spaces, trading bots, and land ownership;
  • advised businesses working on clean drinking water solutions in Africa, crypto market data, mobile betting, and on-demand convenience stores;
  • created and distributed freely available in-depth research reports, such as Tokenizing SME Equity;
  • founded Finhash Network; a weekly newsletter on blockchain and finance, read by over 500 industry experts.

projects finished

workshops given

countries worked in

students educated

Thank You

But most of all, we have had the privilege to work with some very smart people that actively contribute to the development of blockchain technology, realizing decentralization and giving power back to the people. From true ownership of assets to global access to financial services, and from privacy-preserving tools to the democratization of the investment space; they work on the tools and services of the future.

To these people and many more, we want to give our sincere thanks. Thanks to the companies and people mentioned below, who we had the privilege of working with. Thanks to our business partners and the great conversations we had with them. Thanks to the experts and entrepreneurs in our network who were always willing to take our calls and provide us with advice. Thanks to our family, friends and particularly girlfriends who have been very patient with our single-mindedness. Thank You.

Before we go, we want to leave you with this. We will keep believing and supporting public permissionless blockchains, decentralization, and a global inclusive financial system. And we think you should too. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are worldwide phenomena, and their benefits go much further than the barriers of the western world. Let’s not forget this.

Thank you and hopefully we’ll meet again!

Jochem Gerritsen & Daan Maasson

A special thanks to Simon Lelieveldt, Dusk Network, Watson Law, prof. Bernard Lietaer (RIP), and Nathalie Brähler. Thank you also to drs. Frank Berkers, dr. Sebastian Bürgel, Benedikt Schuppli, Blake Cohen, Edgar Kampers, Jack du Rose, Hans Overturf, Alexander Bulkin, dr. Vladimirov, Marc Wesselink, Edi Kovacs, Jan-Willem Hiddink, Sytze van Odijk, Sam de Vlieger, Anisa van der Hoek, Bloqhouse, Maven11, ChainTip, Liqwith, Becon Global, TNO, Näpp, S2N, VZ Games, Validity Labs, Tokeny, Digishares, Kodebox, Yura Agency, HU, UvA, Avans, VU, UCo, UtrechtInc, Brightlands Heerlen, APG, Redgrasp, and many more.