We guide organizations to effectively create and capture new opportunities through blockchain-based tokens.

From token economic research to ICO execution, we bring your business into the future.

As token consultants, we help our clients navigate the space of digital tokens. We’ve completed several ICOs and worked on different tokenized business models.

By leveraging our extended network, we consistently provide the right connections in legal, finance and technical development for both new and existing token projects.
Rooted in research and business analysis, we provide you with the necessary expertise in order to successfully design and launch your asset, utility or security token.

Tokenized Business Models

There is a variety of blockchain-based tokens in the market. Businesses can issue coins such as Bitcoin, that may act as a store of value or a means of exchange. Coins have their own independent blockchain, used to verify and capture all transactions.

Tokens rely on another blockchain and have different functionalities than coins. They are highly programmable and have multi-faceted levels of value. These functionalities allow for the ‘tokenization’ of a project or organization. For instance, tokens may entitle token holders to a fraction of future revenue, voting rights or access to a specific network or application.

Infloat specializes in these tokenized business models. We work with companies to research possibilities and design token models, bringing all stakeholders in a token ecosystem together.

Your Business, Your Token

Blockchain-based tokens open up possibilities for innovation in everything from funding to ownership. Coins and tokens with an associated utility are created to kickstart a project, develop new ecosystems, enrich ongoing businesses, or fund other initiatives. Understanding and utilizing the fundamental values of a token and the underlying blockchain technology is an essential prerequisite for a business to advance on this phenomenon.

Companies can now raise capital by issuing a new token in exchange for existing cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin or ether. These so called initial coin offerings (ICOs) have skyrocket in popularity among a variety of new and existing businesses. Compared with traditional means of raising capital, the main advantages of ICOs are their global reach, network effects, autonomy, speed, and lower costs. With ICOs raising over $6 billion in 2017 alone, it is clear they are here to stay.

The prevalence, success and benefits of this fundraising model, create the impression that tokens and ICOs are suitable to every type of business.

But this is not the case. 

Are tokens relevant for your business?

Introducing a token in your business model requires a significant organizational transformation. And as crypto tokens increase in popularity, understanding local and international laws (from the SEC’s regulation to FINMA’s ICO guidelines) are more important than ever.

Simply put, tokenizing your business calls for meticulous preparation.

Infloat ensures you are thoroughly prepared, by researching the possibilities and balancing the benefits of a tokenized business against market and legal risks. We help to decide whether a blockchain-based token is the way forward. And if so, we connect you with the right people, and provide expertise and support during your project.

What we offer



We analyze your business model, determine where and how a token adds value, and identify opportunities, risks and challenges.


Introducing a token successfully into your business requires a concrete action plan, a comprehensive strategy, and the right people. We help you with all three.


Whether you’re doing an ICO or plan to distribute your token privately, it’s all about user adoption. We focus on building a community, a crucial factor to your success.


Tokenized businesses require rapid optimization. We monitor your token and intervene where necessary, ensuring the sustainable growth of your business.


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