We create and capture new opportunities through blockchain-based tokens.

From token economic research to issuing security tokens, we enable growth by capturing the true value of your token.


Having worked on several successful token issuances and token models, we can acquire better results.


We diminish different risks to your tokenized business model, as we’ve gone through the process before.


A shared responsibility means we’re dedicated to bringing your product or service to fruition.

What we offer

We are moving to a token-based economy. Blockchain-based tokens open up possibilities for innovation in everything from funding to ownership. Tokens with an associated utility can kickstart a project, strengthen new ecosystems, enrich ongoing businesses, or fund unique initiatives. Understanding and utilizing the fundamental values of a token and the underlying blockchain technology is an essential prerequisite for a business to advance in this space.  
Infloat ensures you are thoroughly prepared, by researching the possibilities, developing business cases, and balancing the benefits of a tokenized business against market and legal risks. We ensure you can make an informed decision on whether a blockchain-based token is the way forward. And if so, we guide you through the process, connect you with the right people, and provide expertise and support during your project.



Create and offer security tokens

There are many benefits for businesses and investors of having a financial security, such as a company’s share, in the form of a token. We have ‘tokenized’ such securities in NL, the US, and Switzerland.

Build sustainable tokenized businesses

Introducing a token successfully into your business requires a concrete action plan, a comprehensive strategy, and the right people. We help you with all three.

Design new token models

Blockchain-based tokens have applications in a variety of industries. We explore opportunities, conceptualize innovative token models, and test their feasibility in the market.

Conduct tokenomic research

Both academically and practically, both individually and with partners. Deep research enables us to stay up to date with the latest developments and broaden our understanding of this young discipline.

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