About Us

Strategic advice for tokenized businesses.

Our Mission

Infloat is a specialized advisory company, focussing on strategic advice for organizations that are seeking to tokenize their business — or are planning to run an initial coin offering. Our mission is to help our clients grow by creating new business models and forming lasting communities in the process, making use of all the opportunities that cryptoassets and blockchain technology brings.

Who We Are

Infloat was founded in December 2017 by Daan Maasson and Jochem Gerritsen, in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. The services we offer are based on the idea that creating a lasting tokenized business requires more than just a white paper. Such businesses need domain knowledge, process knowledge, and a good network of possible partners. With Infloat we offer all three, helping you to build the company of tomorrow.

Our Principles

In the spirit of blockchain’s ‘founders’, our advice is transparent and honest. So whatever area of your business you need help in, we’re there for you — offering our own expertise or finding someone who can do it better. We like to have skin in the game and go the extra mile for our clients. This way, we help our clients build a more sustainable business, allowing us to grow together.

Jochem Gerritsen from Infloat helped us raise over $1.8 million and bring our project to fruition. I can honestly say we wouldn't be where we are today without his help and expertise.

Craig Ritchie
VZ Games

It was fantastic to have Daan Maasson from Infloat present at our monthly event, sharing his insights about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He certainly brought credibility to our event as part of the speaker team.

Beatriz Guimarães

We invited Infloat to introduce our team to blockchain, tokens, and ICOs. Using their personal experiences, they went beyond the hype and gave us an in-depth look into the benefits and use cases of this technology.

Jeroen Kromme
The Analytics Lab

Infloat introduced our second year students to blockchain technology in a great and engaging way, focussing specifically on the technology's opportunities and applications.

Wendy Dorscheidt
Avans University

Infloat recently gave a highly interesting presentation for one of our alumni associations on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and their applications.

Ruud Wijlhuizen
Windesheim University

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