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When do Tokens Classify as a Security?

There is a lack of understanding of when a token classifies as a security. Creating clarity on how a token is qualified is important, since it defines what regulations are triggered and what your business has to comply with. Let’s discuss this topic in light of European and Dutch legislation.

Tokenized Shares: Their Benefits & Limitations

We have recently published a research paper on tokenized equity, together with law firm Watson Law. The following is an adapted excerpt from our report; please download the full report here. As educators, architects, project managers, and writers of the...

Applying Tokenomics — 20+ Questions to Ask and Answer

As William Mougayar indicated in 2017: You can precisely engineer an ICO and that will get you to launch it properly, but then you still need to deliver a viable business model for the long term. The way you ensure this viable business model, is partly...

An overview of different cryptoasset categories

The word 'cryptocurrency' is a bit of a misnomer. Most cryptocurrencies are not used as currencies at all. At the moment of writing, coins like Bitcoin or Litecoin are spendable at certain (select) places, but other cryptocurrencies such as Sia or Storj are not...