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Research and consultancy for token projects, tokenized business models and token offerings.


We identify if and how a token can add value to our client’s business and corresponding ecosystem. When such a token is valuable, we work with the client to capture this value. We do this by (among others):

  • Developing token economic models and tokenized business models
  • Advising and working on an initial coin offering / security token offering
  • Connecting our client to relevant (international) parties in our network

We ensure that organizations implement a token for long-term sustainability, not for the short-term hype. Infloat is not an ICO marketing agency.

More information about our consultancy services below.


Infloat conducts academic and practical research on blockchain-based tokens and its applications in different organizations, businesses and ecosystems. This allows us to provide additional value to our clients and contribute to the development of knowledge in this emerging field.

We are currently engaged in an extensive academic research on the token economics (or ‘tokenomics’) of utility tokens. If you are interested in the results, send an email to contact@infloat.co and we will send you the results once the research is finished.


Providing expert advice 

We identify if and how a token adds value to your business

We analyze your business model and determine how a token would fit in. We develop several business cases, which allows us to validate your business propositions, find new business opportunities and clarify expectations of what a token can and cannot do. In short, we take the following steps:

  • Map out your business’ ecosystem
  • Develop and validate value propositions
  • Present ‘tokenized’ business cases, including an indication of costs and possible returns

It is possible that it turns out that a token is not the right strategy for your business. That is fine. Having this identified in such an early stage will save you time, money and effort.


We develop token models and concrete action plans

Introducing a token in your business model requires thorough preparation on a variety of fields. Your monetary policy, incentive mechanisms, and sale structure all need to be aligned with your short- and long-term goals, as well as with technical possibilities and (international) regulatory frameworks. This means we:

  • Develop token economic models
  • Create governance models — including for instance a voting mechanism, or dividend payments for shareholders
  • Align incentives between the business model, stakeholders, and token

We execute on proposed strategy and guide you through the process 

When we have clarified how a token can work in a new project or organization, we can execute on our proposed plans. This means that we set up a team with you, our client, and several of our partners if necessary. Combining expertise from different fields (IT, legal, finance, economics, marketing), we ensure that setting up your new token and tokenized business model will go as smoothly as possible.


We maintain and optimize token models

Markets and cryptocurrencies are constantly in flux, requiring continuous optimizations of your business model. What to do with your funds when the cryptocurrency skyrockets in value? Liquidate? How do you keep investors and other stakeholders satisfied with the development of your poject? We monitor progress and intervene where necessary to ensure a sustainable growth of your business. 

Jochem Gerritsen from Infloat helped us raise over $1.8 million and bring our project to fruition. I can honestly say we wouldn't be where we are today without his help and expertise.

Craig Ritchie
VZ Games

It was fantastic to have Daan Maasson from Infloat present at our monthly event, sharing his insights about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He certainly brought credibility to our event as part of the speaker team.

Beatriz Guimarães

We invited Infloat to introduce our team to blockchain, tokens, and ICOs. Using their personal experiences, they went beyond the hype and gave us an in-depth look into the benefits and use cases of this technology.

Jeroen Kromme
The Analytics Lab

Infloat introduced our second year students to blockchain technology in a great and engaging way, focussing specifically on the technology's opportunities and applications.

Wendy Dorscheidt
Avans University

Infloat recently gave a highly interesting presentation for one of our alumni associations on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and their applications.

Ruud Wijlhuizen
Windesheim University

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