Services to Make Your Project Succeed

We’ve grouped our services to provide a clear offering. Should you wish to partner with us in a different way, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Introductory or Strategy Call

Are you seeking clarification or advice on blockchain-based tokens, fundraising, or digital securities? Or do you want to explore how we can collaborate? Let’s talk! Schedule a call with us and let us help you out.

Schedule a call right away.

In-Depth Research Project

We conduct (scientific) research into cryptocurrency applications for your current or potential business. Depending on the subject matter and your preferences, we can dive into academic literature, token specifics, and consult our network.

A custom research project and report starts at €3000. Learn more about our research projects.

Token Audit

For a token audit, we look at all non-technical aspects of your digital asset, making sure you’re not missing any negative feedback loops, incentive misalignments or other potential token design issues.

An in-depth token audit is priced at €3000.  Email us.

Investor Readiness Deep Dive

In this one-day workshop, we dive deep into your business model, plans, vision, challenges and opportunities — tying these to the token(s) you intend to issue, resulting in clear recommendations and actionable takeaways. These deep dives may be joined by relevant industry experts, such as lawyers and financial experts.

The one-day workshop and accompanying report is currently €3250.  Email us.

Custom Token Design

We design your utility or security token, ensuring it is tailor-made to your business case. The result is a high-quality token model that has been tested in the market, which significantly reduces your risks (financial, legal), and increases the applicability and sustainability of your token in the long-term.

Depending on your exact wishes and needs, a custom token design ranges from €4000 to €9500. Email us.

Project Management

Starting a crypto project but want to stay focused on your own business, or perhaps the way things are going now are not up to the right standard? We can provide a project manager that plans and leads your project efficiently. Our colleagues are meticulous, knowledgeable, and provide significant value in terms of strategy, focus and structure.

A project manager from Infloat starts at €7500 per month. Email us for details.